Friday, December 26, 2008

Jungle Story

Jungle Story
once upon a time..well..i mean on december 24th,2008..that is wednesday..
my boyfriend and i went to the jungle with my little sister, Fayya. we're so exited, besides it was our relationship aniversary, it's so completely fun because everyone there (maybe) thought that we are a youngest's because my boyfriend and i holding my sister then we played together and everyone fussing around us..and smiling so...yeah, u know what i mean.
in other time, my friend was so sad, because his girlfriend's passed away by a brain cancer. i don't is it true or just his reason to contacting he always did. why am i have a thought like that? it's reasonable, he's asked me twice for being his girlfrind and he's begging for being my second boyfriend..i don't know why he did that...
answer me?
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