Saturday, July 11, 2009

life is so beautiful..don't make it bad..don't fill it with sorrow..tears of sadness..and all miserable things.
this is the time for us to share all the joy we have..all the smile on our face..happiest story.
don't be sad..just think, problems come to make our world colorful..
nothing can't be depends on us..solve it or pretend as if it doesn't exist.
teenagers' life is fun..memorable..but now, when we have to leave it, it doesn't mean it's gonna be a saddest moment in our life..
being 20th something means more thoughtful, responsible, care, concern, about everything we do.
seems hard but we all know we gotta go through it make it interesting!
can you imagine, anyone special in our life give us their brightest smile, they're all happy that we still walk on and never give up..they wait us there in the same time they're always here.
we can't deny that we'll be grown up, and end up with ...death..
don't you want to end your life with something special in your mind that can be shared with everyone we love? or you just want to your life end meaningless..?

so guys, don't be sad if you have to walk in your life alone face this world alone say you're lonely because no one besides you..but deep down inside, you know God's always there, watching you, waiting for you..holding your hands, hugging you, and blessing you

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