Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a Biz??? with indonesian accent "What..ABIS??"

Oneday..My Best Friend and I went to Bonenkai Fest in UI (universitas indonesia)...there's some kind of Japanese Festival...there's a stand named "Japanese Snack-Cheapest Than Other but Have a Great Taste"
we take a visit there..and my friend ask
   "Mas..what the best u have?"
   "The best is Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki also the sushi"
   "The best should be the only one.."
   "Oh..then Takoyaki is the best."
   "Oh..How much it cost?"
   "Just Cheap..only 12.000 rupiah for 4balls"
   "Okay..I'll Buy it."
   "It's Sold Out."
   ".........." Speechless.

Jadi..Pada suatu hari gw n temen gue dateng ke Festival Bonenkai di UI..kayak Festival Jepang gitu lah..Nah di sana ada stand yang plangnya gede banget.."Cemilan Jepang-Paling Murah dan Enak Banget"
Gue samperin lah sama temen gue stand itu..and temen gue nanya
  "Mas..Apaan yang paling enak di sini?"
  "Yang Paling enak tuh Takoyaki, Okonomiyak sama Sushi mbak."
  "Kan kalo paling cuman satu mas biasanya.."
  "Ooh..Takoyakinya mbak yang paling enak."
  "Murah Kok Rp 12.000 4biji"
  "Ya udah pesen deh satu."
  "Udah Abis mba.."

Selanjutnya lo bayangin sendiri deh ekpresi muka gue n temen gue itu..gimana coba..what abis??

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